14) Learning React – Section 11 – Building the food cart application UI

This section has become very dense. To move through every video I have to go back and revise concepts. There are many times in a day I think I will never understand the video. Then I just go back and watch some of the foundational concepts and come back and watch it again.

Sometimes I make notes in Evernote and then try again.

Sometimes I have had to watch the video 3-4 times. Then it starts making sense.

When it makes sense I feel like why was I ever confused.

I got to use the LinkedIn learning search feature today when I wanted to learn about the useRef hook. They had a very simple stand alone example that made it easy for me to understand.

I will have to go back and redo this project multiple times. I think I will learn a lot through that. It will be a very interesting experiment as well in my learning.

I could make this into a portfolio project that I can walk a prospective employer through. Let’s see how that goes.

Some new concepts used in this project are:

  • portals
  • refs and forwardRefs
  • context
  • useReducer

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