15,000 IU Vitamin D

Started the day off with the GNC 10,000 vitamin D. Two capsules. That was not enough. Was feeling tired after lunch. Then had a third one and that was enough to give me a lot of energy.

I can’t say enough about Vitamin D. It has really been the biggest find for my health in a long time. I want to get a Vitamin D test done soon. Maybe on Monday.

I should get Vitamin D, Calcium, Kidney function tested to see where the levels are.

My last level of Vitamin D was 18.

This is the blood test report:


Vitamin D was 18.07 on this date.

Vitamin B12 was 470.

Let me add the Testosterone report here as well:

Tomorrow I am going to try 15,000 IU of vitamin D again to see if it has the same effect.