16) Learning React – Section 11 – Building the food cart application UI

Finished this section once.

Going through it again.

Video 139 – 145 completed.

Studying hours are increasing. They need to increase more.

Videos 146, 147, and 148 left.

I will do them tomorrow as I find myself rushing through the content now.

Today I watched the videos first and made notes in Evernote. Then I went through my notes and did what was needed.

Having notes in Evernote helps with a quick revision of any video. It also helps to look up things quickly. Following the steps from a note is quicker and helps connect the dots in the mind as well.

I find myself getting impatient and want to jump to something else. I have to just go on and see what comes out of a learning experience where I do not deviate. I need to keep coding in React till I start my bootcamp course. This might be one of the big benefits of bootcamp. The focus I need to keep on one topic for a period of time.

I have to do this without getting tired and while enjoying it as well. I should not get a bad feeling while doing it.

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