17) Learning React – Section 11 – Building the food cart application UI

This section is now complete.

I am tired now. I think my stamina for taking in new concepts has been exhausted. I had to take a break and go to Andrew Mead’s React course today.

That helped me too. It was a different way of looking at things and his courses are usually enjoyable as they have exercises that keep me engaged.

I will now take some breaks and do his course when I get tired.

Started section 12 in Max’s course. This is about how React works behind the scenes. Max goes into a lot of detail about everything, and that is good, but sometimes I feel like I lose the bigger point.

One example of this was the video from LinkedIn Learning where the simple demo example about useEffect really helped clarify what this hook is for. In Max’s videos we went over the three different scenarios of the dependency arrays and what changes when. By the end of it I don’t remember the scenarios.

However, to go back and revise them properly to get in depth information when I run into a problem would be good.

The patterns of programming in React became slightly more clear in the second time through this project. This was not what I had in mind originally. I thought I would go through this project a couple of times and then just build it on my own. I did not do that.

Maybe I need to do that. The ideal time might be right now, but feel like I’m exhausted doing the same thing and want to move on to new content.

Maybe I can come back and re-build this project in a week or so just from my Evernote notes. That would be one step closer to building it on my own. I need to get enough of the structure of the project into muscle memory. This also seems like memorizing, which I don’t want to do. The project is here in video format, in code, and in my notes. If I want to build a certain component that is similar in another project I can do that.

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