19) Learning React – Max React Section 15 – Building Custom React Hooks / Andrew Mead React Section 3 – Hello React

Another good day of studying react.

I hit a wall with Max’s course. The building a custom hook section was made too complicated. Also, he does not have as many challenges that enable you to write code.

That is why I switched today to Andrew Mead’s course to get some more practice. I am glad that I did. I have learned a lot from Max’s course, but Andrew’s teaching style was refreshing. He started with a lot of basic javascript and showed how we can render and then re-render and application by just using plain JS. I think this will help clarify how React does things as well.

I might even get Stephen Grider’s course and do a section to revise the basics from another perspective and get some more practice. I like the Angela Yu and Andrew Mead style of having a challenge in every video. It really helps reinforce the concepts and keeps the practice up.

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