20) Learning React – Max React Section 16 – Working with Forms / Andrew Mead React – Section 4 – React Components

Started with Section 16 in Max’s course. I felt that it was going into a lot of detail about forms, but I needed more practice just building simple React projects first so that I can internalize the basic stuff.

That is why I chose to start the Andrew Mead React course along with the Max course. It has been a very good experience. The first time I did the Andrew Mead react course it was challenging for me and I gave up after hitting a wall. I then went on to learn many other things and have come back to it now.

Max explained many concepts really well, which helped me in the Andrew Mead course. And, Andrew explains many concepts that help general understanding. He has a very different way of teaching. What I also like about Andrew’s method is that he has a lot of challenges. Almost one or two in every video. That keeps things very engaging.

Today I learned:

  • ES6 classes
  • Creating a class based component
  • Nesting components
  • Props
  • Events and methods
  • Method binding (for handlers)
  • Component state
  • Built a simple counter app using state

It is much easier to go through Andrew’s course as he keeps things engaging with assignments. With Max’s course I have to use more of my will power to go on. Learning a lot from both.

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