26) Learning React – Andrew Mead React – Finished Section 5

Covered things like:

  • stateless functional components
  • default prop values
  • react dev tools
  • removing individual options
  • lifecycle methods
  • saving and loading options data
  • saving and loading the count

Also did part of section 6:

  • Webpack
  • Webpack configuration
  • ES6 imports/exports
  • Default exports
  • Importing npm modules

I am glad I did Andrew’s course. It covers many things in much more detail about the class based components that are not covered as well by other newer courses. These are things that employers expect React developers to know.

Want to finish Section 6 and then Section 7 next, which is about using a third-party component.

The React learning journey is going well. Everyday I am a little more better off than the previous day. I hope this learning continues in a slow and steady fashion and I can have a deep understanding of React.

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