32) Learning React – Max – custom hooks – useHttp / Forms

Today I realized that if I tire myself out by studying too much I get very negative. The overall outlook on my life and studying changes. I need to prevent this.

I need to get away from studying before I tire. If I have done enough, I should call it a day. Tiring myself out by doing more in one day and then not doing anything at all is not productive and dangerous.

Need to keep going slow and steady.

The other thing that has given me comfort is the focus on just React. This limits the domain of what needs to be learned. Not everything under the sun, but just one thing at a time.

When I get tired I also start deviating from this goal as well.

Another lesson learned today was that something that might seem hard today may not seem hard a week or ten days from now. I need to realize that “backtracking” works well. If you run into a wall in a course, like I just did with Andrew’s course, that is fine. Stop. Take a break. Go do another course. Let the material settle down and then come back.

This has a number of advantages:

  1. You let it settle and simmer in your mind
  2. You study other courses where you practice and revise some of the skills learned
  3. When you get back to the course after a week or ten days you already have an impression in your mind from the last time you did that material. The mind starts placing things faster. This might even take three tries.

Let me call this strategy the multiple course strategy. Do multiple courses from multiple authors at the same time. If you get tired of one, just start another one. You get to learn about a topic from someone else. Every author has a vastly different take on the same material.

You need practice and this gives you practice.

Practice and learning a new skill is not all fun. This is a mental challenge. Accept that. This is hard. Keep going in the face of uncertainty is hard. But, as you keep going some secrets like the secret of repetition are revealed to you.

The secret of multiple courses.

The secret of taking breaks.

The secret of revising and starting a course you’ve already done 30% again from scratch and build momentum to get past a tough point.

There are all learning strategies I’ve learned over time from my struggle.

This is a long journey. Do what you can in one day. Don’t tire yourself out. Keep focus on one topic React.

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