32) Learning React – Max – Section 16 – Working with forms and user input done

Had a good study day today. Completed section 16 on forms. Created a custom hook use-input.js that was used in multiple places today. That provides a nice set of validations and a good user experience.

Also used the use-http custom hook for the food app today. Created a form, took input from the form to store the items in firebase, then retrieved the items from firebase and displayed them on the food order app.

All this was a challenge for the next Section – Section 17 – adding http and forms to the food order app.

I hope to go through Max’s solution tomorrow and complete section 17.

Then onto Redux. Building momentum for that.

Go slow and steady.

Don’t get tired.

Do whatever you’re doing like you have all the time in the world. Take some time to go back and revise some concepts. Re-watch videos or look up your notes that you’ve taken in a previous pass through the course.

That is fine.

It is better to learn something well rather than rushing through a course only to be unsure of many concepts. Giving yourself time also enables you to practice more. That is where the learning happens.

Do a git init and make a branch from a certain commit if you’re unsure of how things are going to go. Do what you have to and then go back to the main branch to continue with the course solution.

Do not deviate now. You are enjoying learning react and you have built some momentum around it. Continue with that momentum. See how another week, two weeks, or 30 days does to your react skills. See what you will be able to build after 30 days.

You hit a roadblock in Andrew’s course. I am sure if you go back after a week or ten days you will be able to get through that roadblock. In fact, you should look forward to doing this experiment.

That way you let the concepts of Max’s course sink in and practice the concepts you already know in a different setting.

Each author give you a different point of view. Something new to add to your toolkit.

You have to learn something new each day. Even if it is something small. You also have to revise what you have already learned. If you revise the material, it will become more solid in your mind. If you don’t, you’ll lose it.

Keep using what you’ve worked hard to learn.

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