5) Learning React – Video 56, 57 and 58 – Handling form submission, Two way data binding and child to parent communication

Just got done with doing the 14 min long video 58 – passing the data from a child component to a parent component. The basic idea is quite simple. You create a function in a parent and pass in the pointer to that function via props to the child. In the child you use the function and then send data back to the parent. But, to properly go through this, take notes, and understand everything it took me about 40 mins.

I have to watch the video twice, which I have realized is a great idea. First time just watch. Do nothing. Second time around take notes, implement the steps being done, if you can anticipate something, do it yourself first.

In video 56 and 57 there is something I need to revise. Max was talking about data being sent from a child to a parent as something we had already seen. I could not recall what we did in those two videos and could not connect the dots between the two concepts. I might just rewatch the two previous videos now to see how they relate to what was being taught in number 58.

Max has a great way of teaching. He is slow and repeats certain concepts before he uses them. I was watching one of my daughter’s in class and repetition seems to be a key that teachers use from very early on. The key concepts need to be repeated many times before they are introduced in other contexts. So they are not foreign any more and seem more familiar.

There is another Indian tech teacher – I can’t recall his name right now – he also does this very well. He goes very slowly and repeats concepts many times over. That makes even the most complex things quite simple.

Finished this module. There was a nice exercise at the end where we practiced sending data from the child to the parent, adding a new component, using state to store the value of a variable in the parent. Two way binding to send the value of a select element from the parent to the child.

Adding onChange listeners.

Good feeling. The absolute basics of core react have been done once. Will come back and revise this when needed for assignments or projects.

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