5th Day After Mom Tested Positive

The health department people came and made our house a containment zone. We are not supposed to go out of the house.

Sudip mama also sent a model portfolio of American tech stocks. I went through the charts for some of them, but the market seems really high.

Studies were good. I got one section of the advanced CSS Jonas course done.

Had a good nap in the afternoon.

Massiji Chinda is not doing well. She is in the hospital and has some sort of delirium.

Mom seems to be doing fine. Just has weakness.

Today was the Ram naomi holiday, but Chandigarh was in lockdown.

Spoke to Bhakti’s dad and mom. Her dad is doing better. Her mom’s distant relative passed away from covid.

I have suggested they also have the ayurvedic medicines. Bhakti will book the appointment for them.