9) Learning React – Section 8 Project

Building the app that Max will build in Section 8. Taking a stab at that before I see how he does everything.

The strategy I’m using is to revise everything that has been done in the course till now and use those concepts to build pieces of the needed functionality.

Finished section 3 stuff:

  • Setting up the project
  • Building the first component
  • Taking a part of the code and moving it to a child component
  • Sending data from App to UsernameAndAgeData and then to UsernameAndAge to render the component
  • Added a wrapper Card component with styling
  • Added css to style each component

One key takeaway I got today was that React components are just functions. Just like functions have arguments – components have props that send the data to them.

Going to revise Section 4 tomorrow – State. Will use the needed concepts to build this project further.

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