All of us got tested and tested negative

Today I woke up with anxiety that we should all get tested for covid to see how things are. Thank God we all tested negative. There was a reduction in anxiety with that.

We took Sasha to a pediatrician also. Her basic tests and observations were okay. That was another big relief.

Mom is also looking better today compared to yesterday. Hope she keeps recovering and her symptoms stay mild to moderate.

Bhakti was also very stressed today. She went and got good masks and vitamin C tablets along with other things like the steam machine.

Went for two walks in the evening. One with ZZM and the other with Bhakti.

Went for a bike ride with ZZ post dinner.

Due to the weekend lockdown everything was super quite and lovely.

Got a nap in the afternoon as well.

Shreshtha also wants to get tested so will take her and the baby sitter for a test tomorrow.

Bhakti and I are also eligible for our next shot so will enquire about that as well.