Anxiety over taxes, bad sleep, and solving the 2020 US tax return filing

Last night I got terrible sleep. Rimal sent me a message over excess charges relating to mutual funds. I got annoyed and then today had a call with her and sorted it out. She will charge roughly Rs 31,000 for the returns. That is fine.

I had reached out to H&R Block also for an estimate. Let’s see what they say. Their operations also seem to have become more streamlined.

Rest of the day I was working on different things for Stella:

  1. Email setup
  2. Testing backups
  3. CSS tweaks to the site after the migration issue

Slept in the afternoon.

Asked Sushil to get the chair from the office. I have my boss chair now.

Did not get a chance to do any studying today. Could not work on the Elementor Pro and Crocoblock project either.

Went for a walk in the evening with Bhakti and Miles.

The energy seemed really high. Hope this gets better.

My trimmer came. That was good news.