ASK Investment PMS Call

Had a call with my relationship manager Raminder at ASK.

I was asking him about other possible portfolios compared to the IEP portfolio. He recommended 50% in IEP and 50% in EOP (the second one EOP) is an emerging companies portfolio with a mix of large cap, small cap, and mid cap companies that may have the next potential multibagger stocks.

They have a new model now where you can withdraw funds in the first three years with a 1% exit load.

The minimum investment is Rs. 50 lacs.

The annual management fee is 2%. This has been reduced from 2.5%, which applies when you go through an intermediary.

I will get some data from him to learn more about these two funds.

Another idea he had was to do an STP where the whole amount would be spread into 10 installments and invested over a period of 10 months. This would be good since the market seems to be over valued right now.

They invest the liquid money in the HDFC liquid fund, which is yielding about 4-5% returns, which is fine since interest rates are really low right now.

If the markets do crash, then we can send in an email to them to tell them to deploy all the money at the low market levels. This will take 4 days and is not instantaneous.

This will take about 5 years to bear fruit. Start in 2021 and go till 2026 to evaluate it.