August 23rd 2021 – Bhakti’s Upais

According to Bhakti’s patri the next two years for her are tough. She will continue to feel irritable.

Here are some upais for it:

  1. Tuesday nigh and Wednesday – Mung daal upai

She has to take one fist full green mung daal and take it around her head (clockwise) 21 times and then soak it in water overnight. Next day she should give the water to plants and the daal to insects.

2. Saturday

There are two options for Saturday.

a. 1 roti and kheer to a crow

b. Take a nariyal with water and then tie a mauli to it (this has to be her height) and put a tika of black kajal on it. Then present it to Ma Kali at the mandir.

3. She should not roam inside the house bare feet.

4. She should put one chutki of chandan in a mug and bathe with that.

5. She should wear a yellow suit on Thursday.

6. She should donate yellow things regularly.

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