Ayurvedic medicine course done

The ayurvedic doctor had said to have the medicine for 10 days. The medicine is now over. I am feeling okay. I think I am slightly better.

His advice for doing the morning walk was the best advice. I think I should go to him tomorrow. The Delhi trip took quite a toll on me. I slept in the afternoon for quite a while today as well.

Feeling okay.

Diet has come back to normal. Bhaji had ordered food from outside today – Goldies Roost. The food was good.

Had oats rotis in lunch. Breakfast was omlette.

Had my two cups of decaf coffee as well.

Watching the movie the Revenant. Quite enjoying it.

Will go for the Reiki healing tomorrow as well. Mom has a plaster on her foot. She seems to be doing better today in terms of energy. Yesterday she was exhausted.

Today went for two walks with Bhakti, Sasha and Miles. That was nice. Both the evening and the morning walks were pleasant.