Ayurvedic Medicines Day 2

I think I am feeling slightly better with the medicines. I can’t say for sure. I feel I have a better feeling in my feet energy.

I did take my regular nap in the afternoon. Was not feeling very groggy after the nap.

Have a good feeling in my head also.

Will have to wait and watch.

Everything else was fine. Was able to study well and go for walks.

Healing Mantras Day 5

Going fine. Let’s see what changes occur.

It was buglie massi’s birthday today and she has retired. Wish her a happy retirement after all the hard work she has done.

Looking at her it seems that it is not about one trying very hard. The raw material of energy and his will needs to be there to be able to follow a path in your life. One has to learn to be content with their own path without regard to what everyone else thinks about that path. This is hard to do, but will lead to great peace of mind.