Bhabiji had a consult with the Kottkkal doctor

The good news for today was that Bhabiji spoke to the Kottakkal doctor. Hopefully, we can get her medicines tomorrow and she can start feeling better very soon.

Went for a walk in the rain with Bhakti. Then with Miles later on.

Applied the oil that I got from sector 27, this is the one that was supposed to reduce itching, and it was fine. I washed my hair with the new natural neem shampoo and the day went by fine.

I still have to see how long it lasts.

Tomorrow I plan to use the following recipe for removing the itching from my head:

3 tea spoons dahi

2 tsp nimbu ras

1 tsp mahabhringraj oil

1 kapoor (kut ke use karna)

1/2 tsp tankan bhasam

Leave it for 30 mins. Wear the shower cap.

See this here as well:

Prepared this today:

Should be ready tomorrow.

Will use day after.

Saw this video yesterday and made the following notes:

I have these medicines now. I had brahmi vati in the afternoon and had Saraswata rishth also. Let me have it for a couple of days to see how it goes.

I also had natural honey, elaichi, daal chini, and the Kottakkal medicated ghee in the milk in the evening. That kept me full till dinner.