Bhaji and Co left for Gurgaon

Today Bhaji and family left for Gurgaon. Everyone was very sad to see them go. But, thank God for the wonderful time our family spent together this past year. It was a great experience for everyone.

The rest of the day was nice. I have started putting on Ma Sawarswati paath and the maha mrityunjai paath on my computer when I am not studying. I think this will help the energy.

The different reiki and vastu upai’s seem to have made a difference. We all got checks from dad today. I spoke to Bhakti and thankfully she was on board with trying to save this money for a rainy day and maybe earn some interest income on it.

I think I will open an IDFC First Bank account for myself as well and put the cash that we have on hand in the savings account there for the 7% interest.

I slept in the afternoon. The sleep was good. I put curiosity stream for dad. He didn’t seem really interested in it.

Went for a nice walk with Bhakti, Miles, and Sasha in the evening. And, went for a nice walk with Zaina, Zara, and Miles post dinner. It was quite a long walk and Zara seemed to get tired. I think Zaina is okay with walking this distance. Miles also seemed to get the proper exercise.

I also tried to tell them about being thankful to God and to say the prayer that I learned from Sri Paramhansa Yogananda

Lord please take us from ignorance to wisdom, from restlessness to peace and from desires to contentment.

There was this feeling I got today when I was doing my paath in the morning where all the anxiety of doing something great and something else in life just melted away. I realized that I am doing what I have done at some of the happiest and comfortable times of my life. I should just be very thankful that I am getting to live my life the way I have always wanted to. I now feel truly thankful for I know what I actually have and how hard it is to get these things in life.

I have also found comfort in being by myself and not interacting with people where nothing positive comes out. This has been very liberating. Not looking at the phone to make plans is still a great comfort for me.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.