Bhaji and Family are back

Bhaji and family came back in the morning today. They were in Gurgaon for over two months. They seemed to have had a terrible experience. Hopefully, they will feel better and heal now that they are back at home.

We had a nice meal at dinner. We got naan, roti, and daal from Goldies. The dal and tandoori roti was very tasty. I think I might have over eaten.

Did some work for Stella in the morning. I really needed to slow down and I think I did that. There is a thing, and energy, where one tends to get overexcited and starts charging clients. I have to be careful of this. I have to be careful to deliver value to clients. So that they benefit as well. Take it easy about the money. That is not the only thing you should care about. You should care about the work you’re doing and be thankful for the opportunity to be able to do that work.

Did the recipe site tutorial today. It is a lot of fun to build sites with Elementor and crocoblock. I am excited to learn more about the possibilities. It really takes off the burden of diving down into the nitty gritty of writing code for every small thing. If you want to offload the front end to elementor, you can. And, you can even use crocoblock to design the backend database model and relationships without touching code and sql. That is pretty cool. Excited to learn more.

Did a bit of the photoshop course as well. I think I need to keep doing that a little everyday to get more practice.

Took a nap in the afternoon and went for a short walk in the evening.

In the morning I worked on a new gig video for fiverr.