Bhaji’s Appointment with Ayurvedic Doctor

The Ayurvedic doctor believes that Bhaji’s health problems originate from the liver. This could very well be the case with me as well.

Bhaji’s medicines were very expensive. He was quite reserved about them. That is very natural. I spoke with him and I think he ordered them. Health is the most important thing.

Dad had a nice evening listening to Ghazals and having a beer. He played with Sasha a lot. Thank God for these wonderful and priceless gifts he has bestows on me. I am not deserving of any of this. Thank you God.

Studies are going slow and steady. It seems like I have entered into the cross country zone where every step is a struggle. I just need to keep going. I think when I come out on the other side I will have learned a fair bit.

I did not sleep today as well. This is a big change. Last night my sleep was very disturbed, but I was not tired today at all. This is a BIG change. I did not expect this at all. I attribute this to the upai and then to the Ayurvedic medicines. There is probably some supplement in there that has benefitted me quite a bit.

Started doing mantra jap during walks. It is nice as I get to walk and I get to do my paath.

Had vitamin d yesterday and gave Miles his albendazole.

Glad my rabies shots are also done.

Had a great wrap for dinner today.

Being veg has been very nice for me. I don’t know how long it will last. Dad is good company for being veg. He only eats non veg once in a while.