Bhaji’s last day of the corona stay

Today Bhaji and family spent the whole day packing and doing last day chores like getting hair cuts. I have been feeling sad throughout the day and also very heavy in the heart. I was just so used to everyone being around that the whole family going away just seems very sudden. Let’s see how it goes. Hope they all stay safe.

Went for a walk in the morning with Miles.

Went for a walk post dinner with Zaina and Miles. This was a long one and a good one.

In the evening dad wanted beer so we went to get that from sector 7 and then to birdies chicken to get some chicken.

Dinner was very nice.

Have been watching some videos on you tube about the possible hyper-inflation that might happen. I think having debt and being invested in real estate might help with that.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.