Big nap in the afternoon after South Indian lunch

Today I took a big nap in the afternoon after having one dosa and two uthapams. I think they were to blame and not my over eating 🙂

Post the nap I went for a long walk and did paath while walking.

Worked on solving Stella’s website issue in the morning. The process of importing the site into local was amazingly simple. I think using tools to make development simple is a great idea. Better to focus on building something and delivering it to clients vs trying to create everything from the ground up.

The amount of Ayurvedic medicines has increased a lot. I have a fist full of medicines in the morning and the night. I think they are making a difference as I have an increased sense of comfort.

I also wanted to make a note of the feeling of well being in my head in the two days when I did not take a nap. This feeling is coming in a circular fashion. I hope I keep getting better.

Had veg food today. Happy about that.

Watched two good movies.

  1. Blinded by light
  2. Blindside

Scratching in the head is okay. Not too bad. Happy that I only have to shampoo on alternate days.

Got a nice review from Stella today after I helped her. That was nice. A good lesson here is to be generous with your time and efforts. Connect with your clients at a deeper level and create true value. No need to take on a ton of clients. Take only as many as will keep you happy and enable you to deliver high quality work.