Brad Schiff WordPress Developer Day 1

Started this course again. On Video 14.

Set up the local environment.

Learned about the wp loop. Basics of PHP.

How to correctly enqueue stylesheets and JS scripts.

How to convert an HTML template into a wordpress theme.

About index.php, single.php, page.php, header.php, and footer.php

I think I spent a lot of time learning Javascript this year so want to come and test out those skills in this course to see how things go. Do I understand more of this course or has the level of comfort increased while absorbing this knowledge? I will get answers to these questions as I go through this course.

Webflow – why did I leave it?

I did not see much benefit in it. It seemed like tool for designers. WordPress seems to have a much more robust ecosystem for developers. You can either outsource the backend or the front end. You don’t have to build the backend for every project you have. You can use wordpress and most people are already used to that backend. There is also a layer of abstraction with the ACF and CPT UI for the database. You don’t have to mess with writing database queries.

With wordpress there are a lot of solutions to common problems that you can put together quickly. As the coding skills increase I can find areas to do custom work in wordress within the wordpress framework. I am excited by this possibility.