N Reduction Log

irritable, but able to study

I am irritable but fine. There is a good feeling in the head. Not sure if it is because of the ferritin.

I have irritation, but I am able to study more and better. But, I get anxious and worry about what will happen.

Going fine. Getting sleep. Quality might have gone down a bit, but that could be because of increased work as well. I think pitta in the body is high. Hope that comes under control soon.

Doing fine. Mood is better.

Going fine. Very active. Need to see if I carry on like this and can relax a bit also.

Feeling fine. Less irritable.

Anger and irritation.

Positives - memory has started working again.

Need to find a medicine for my anger.

Had stramonium yesterday and today. It made some difference I think.

I am going to go to the homeopathic hospital one of these days.

Angry and irritable and very sensitive.