N Reduction Log

Going fine. Will have 5 mg tonight. Have not had it yet.

5 mg today

Going fine.

5 mg tonight.

Going fine.

Going fine. 5 mg tonight as well.

I think Dr. Sharma's medicines are helping.

5 mg tonight

Anger is there, but overall it seems fine.

Last 4 days have had 5 mg.

Tonight 5 mg.

Did not sleep last night till 4am.

Started to get hyper today. Let's see how things go.

Before this I have gone for 8-9 days at 5mg. Let's see how it goes now.

5 mg tonight

Feeling fine. Sleeping fine.

Feeling relaxed. Could be due to the new medicines that have been added.

Or, because of the Ashwagandha churan I have started.

5 mg tonight Feeling fine. Been relaxed for the past two days.
5 mg tonight Was relaxed today.
Felt good after having 10 mg for the last two days. Woke up really early today. I think the average level consumed over time has come down. Am able to do more and think more as well. 5mg tonight
10 mg tonight 10 mg last night Felt much better today. The 5 mg for the last few days had left me in "fast mode." Slept better as well.
Was having 5 mg for the last many days. Have become irritable and there is a feeling of not being well in the body. Will probably need to have 10 mg for a couple of days.
5 mg tonight Going fine. Mind is performing better. I could see that when I was pulling out the bank data today. Sleep is okay, but there are some fighting dreams. Went to sleep without medication, which was good.
5 mg tonight Feeling just fine. With the Vitamin D I am sleeping better and have more energy.
5 mg tonight Going fine. I think Vitamin D is helping big time with the reduction in Nexito.