Day 1 – Got GNC Multivitamin and 5000 IU Vitamin D Supplement

Got a GNC multivitamin bottle today.

Also got a vitamin D supplement.

Started having vitamin B12 as well.

Had Bhaji’s multivitamin.

Slept in the afternoon.

Still feel weak during the day, but felt good in the head. I think Dr. Sharma’s medicines are making a difference. I have been having the Patanjali Medhya Vati also for two days now and slept well on both days.

Need to research the Guduci Rasayan medicine I’ve been having to see what the effects of that are. Overall, I think that Dr. Sharma’s medicines have a gradual effect. I could not feel anything right away, but now am feeling better. The Vitamin D discovery has also helped big time. Hoping that the vitamin B12 will also help now along with the multi-vitamin tablets. Let’s see for the next 30 days.