Day 1 WordPress, Elementor, Elementor Pro

I had been thinking about getting Elementor Pro and building a couple of projects with it. Started with this tutorial.

Working on building the site shown in this video on

Elementor pro seems to be a great set of tools to get things up and running quickly. After working with clients I realize that clients need something quick. Or the ones I am working with right now need something quick. They don’t have the patience to wait for something that will be coded up in great detail.

I am sure there are clients like that, but those will probably come later. It will be good to learn all these tools – Elementor and web flow. Web flow has more control and is probably needed for a more design oriented client.

However, with Elementor Pro and Crocoblock it seems like there is a ton of stuff one can build. I am excited to build a few projects like the ones shown on wp tuts.