Day 10 – CWDB – ZTM – Flexbox website Edgeledger Practice Continued

Today was a breakthrough day. I pulled up the completed website in the browser and tried to build the website myself.

Whenever I got stuck I went back to the videos and the completed code to get help. But, I was structuring everything myself. This was great. Everything felt easier. I have a lot more confidence that I can build a simple website now. Funny that I have been trying to learn for so long and only now can I say this.

It has taken me a long time to get here. A big change was the learning style introduced by Dr. Angela Yu.

Preempt what you see her do in the video

Watch a video and then try to do it yourself

Build the project that is being shown in the course and build another one on the side yourself. If you can’t think of anything else, just build the same thing yourself. You will learn a ton more.

This takes more time, but it is not about rushing through courses, but really, deeply, learning and practicing the course material. I actually enjoyed building the home page of the edgeledger website with flexbox today.

Getting more comfortable with it.

Another piece of great advice from Jonas:

Try to build things yourself and allow yourself to be really inefficient. Efficiency will come later. Just try to get 70-80% of the work done first. All the optimizations etc can stand in the way of learning the basic concepts on the first go.

I feel like doing the flexbox project in Jonas’ course after I get done with EdgeLedger. His explanations were really great. I think if I apply this Dr. Yu strategy of learning to his course I will absorb a lot more and end up with a really good looking portfolio website. He has a great eye for design.

Here is the website I was working on today with the code: