Day 12 – CWDB – ZTM – Natours Project Started

Started the natours website project from Jonas’ course. I felt like I should revise building a website without flexbox first and mastering CSS a bit more before progressing onto something else.

What I would like to experiment with is to take a long time with the CWDB. Take digressions and do projects along the way to get more practice with the different technologies along the way.

Repo for the practice website I am building:

Site should be available here:

There is a learning strategy that was introduced by Zac Gordon. Build the main project along with the course and also build your own practice project on the side to revise the concepts that you cover in each video. I think this will help.

The idea is to try and implement the learning strategies that top instructors like Angela Yu and Andrew Mead use in their courses yourself. Create projects for yourself. Go and research something yourself and then apply it.

I am also finding it useful to go to multiple courses to seek out new projects to do. Every instructor has something good that they teach and impart.