Day 12 – WDB – Section 20 – Mailchimp API – Videos 249 and 250

Went to the hospital today so there was not a whole lot of time I spent studying.

I did manage to go through video 249 again to understand the process of setting up a node app with express and body-parser.

Managed to get the input from the bootstrap page form to the server and then make an api post request to the mailchimp server to store that information.

Learned how to send the user to a success or failure page based on the response status code. Also learned about redirection to the home route.

This was quite important for me and I wanted to learn it properly. I realized that it is important to break down the whole process in a step by step manner. It is also necessary to learn to get comfortable with the research process of looking at the docs.

The node request process made this a bit more cumbersome, but I am glad I learned this way first before I go on to use axios or something else.

Will try to repeat this process once tomorrow and the move onto the deployment of this app to heroku. I think I am now in the part of the course which is going to give me the maximum learning based on my skill right now.