Day 13 – WDB – Section 20 – Mailchimp API – Done!

Got through section 20 today. Finished the newsletter app and deployed it on heroku.

Here is the live app:

This was a great experience. I have wanted to do this for a long time. Going through nodejs courses this time around I am realizing that it is more about practicing everyday and then researching online.

You need to have a basic level of knowledge, which the video courses definitely help with. Once you have the larger building blocks in place you can tweak things by doing research yourself.

I repeated the newsletter app process from scratch about three times. The last one being the full app. Every time I went through it I learned more stuff and got more comfortable with it.

Was not able to do a whole lot today. Went for a blood test and an MRI that took a lot of my attention and energy. Still, managed to complete this app so that is good. Next module is about git and version control. Let’s see how that goes.