Day 14 – WDB – Section 21, 22 – Git, EJS

Section 21 was about git and version control. That was a good revision.

Section 22 is about EJS. Angela covered why we need templating in the first place – so we don’t have to create many different html files for very similar content.

She is a very good teacher. She sticks to the point and does not confuse any issue by digressing too much. She tries to keep anything that might cause confusion away and only brings it into focus when it would make sense to do so. After covering it properly. She also shows the documentation so that you don’t think that she has everything memorized.

She makes it very clear that this is a research oriented vocation.

We’re working on a to-do list app in this section. This might take a few more days as I will probably have to practice setting up apps with EJS and building this to-do app a couple of times to become comfortable with the flow. Should be a good experience.