Day 16 – WDB – Section 23 – Reached the start of the blog project

Good day.

Went for morning walk. That created a lot of room in the first part of the day. There wasn’t much to do on client work.

Finished section 22 of the WDB. Angela is a very good teacher. Taking the course slowly, one video at a time, and revising the concepts along the way is proving to be great. Even the doctor’s advice of doing only short bouts of work on the computer is proving to be good advice.

I do a little bit and then go do something else.

Have changed the setup of my desk to give my arms more support while typing. Trying to use the mouse with the left arm as well.

The change in the diet to a lighter dinner of soup and quinoa is proving to be good. That has helped me stay light for two days. Today was Bhabiji’s birthday so have had some pizza and some KFC and chat for lunch.

I developer a cough during the day with that as well.

Need to be careful.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.