Day 17 – WDB – Section 23 – On challenge 19 of 21

I think I am going to separate different posts now. I will write about my progress on the WDB here and on health and life in a different post.

This was one of the best section’s in Angela’s course. I am still doing it. I am really enjoying her guidance and then going out on my own and solving what needs to be done.

Angela knows tech, like many do on Udemy, but she is an intelligent person with a great insight into how people learn. This module shows that. This takes challenges to the next level. But, she still manages to keep confusion away. If you have gone through the material presented in the course before this section, you should be fine doing most of the challenges.

The key thing that has changed for me as a result of learning how to learn is to take things slowly and to do what is in front of me properly. This becomes a lot easier when you have the right course and instructor.

Another thing I realized is that if I was to advise someone trying to learn web dev I would ask them to go in this order:

  1. Angela Yu’s Web Dev Bootcamp
  2. Andrew Mead’s front end JS course
  3. Andrew Mead’s Node course
  4. After this taking one of Jonas’ courses would be a good idea. Skipping his HTML course would be advised as that is quite dated. Doing some other HTML course like Brad Traversy’s course and then going into the advanced CSS by Jonas would be a good idea.
  5. Doing Brad Schiff’s courses at this point – the JS and the wordpress course would probably be a good thing. Brad is a good overall kind of teacher, but you need to be ready for his courses. They are not as well laid out and Angela’s or Andrew’s courses. I would still like to complete his courses though. The last time I tried to do that it was too much for me. I could not take in the information properly. It may be that the problem is with his organization. It feel too much like a free-wheeling sort of approach where he just tells you now we need to do this and one more thing, and then one more thing. Or, what is more likely is that the problem was with my learning style. I need to take each video at a time and be able to revise – build the project to that point after each module. That would be a good idea.
  6. After this some REACT course would be good. But, getting practice with other topics first through various courses is a good idea.

That’s it for today.