Day 18 – CWDB – ZTM – Section 5 – Video 36 and 37 done. About section is complete.

Completed the about section today.

Did two videos for the day.

I am following the method where I have another project that I build on the side after doing the first one with the video. I take the notes on the video time stamps and those serve as my “bread crumbs” back home when I try to complete the same video myself. That is a good first step towards revision.

A good second step will be to take a step back and complete the whole natours website once I go through it once. That should be a very good learning experience. My lack of patience will be the biggest hindrance towards doing that. There is always a greed to get to a new section and learn more material.

It is uncomfortable to learn and revise the same material. I think it challenges the mind more. That is precisely what I need to do.

Just section 5 should take 8 more days to complete.

Then there is a responsive section. Let’s see how much time that takes.

Once both of these are done I should go back and try and build the natours website once again. I should be free to use any resources I want. Including looking up the code for the completed website and the notes that I have taken along the way. I think I will have more time to explore different things along the way and revise concepts.

Looking forward to this now.