Day 19 – CWDB – ZTM – Section 5 – Video 38 – Building the features section – done

Did the features section video.

Not sure why, but was only able to do this 30 min video today.

5-pages-a-day strategy.

I like the way Jonas teaches. I think I have now found my momentum in his course and in his method of teaching.

This method of doing one course and building another project on the side is working great.

The addition of the “bread crumb notes” is also great. I was able to apply his concepts, but the big test will come when I will build the whole site from scratch. That will be a good project at the end of completing the natours website.

I have made ZTM a long drawn out project. Not sure if it is fair to ZTM, but I am modifying it to experiment on my new learning method of digressing and going a bit deeper into each technology this time around.