Day 19 – WDB – Section 28 – 26 and 27 completed

Section 26 – MongoDB

Section 27 – Mongoose

Both these were completed today. Angela had a very organized presentation with opportunities to explore the docs and repetition to internalize the basic CRUD operations with Mongoose.

The great part about this course is that it is broken up into many bite-sized projects. You can get done with one project and then move onto something else. The new project will cover another topic. This way if you are not very sure about a certain topic you can build that small project a couple of times to get more practice as opposed to starting from scratch in a huge project.

In section 28 we will be building the to do app with a mongo db backend. I have done similar projects in other courses, but the presentation here is very organized and well explained. I am happy with my decision of doing this course.

Waking up in the morning made today very productive. I kept taking breaks and coming back to study. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.