Day 20 – CWDB – ZTM – Section 5 – Video 39 – Building the tours section part 1 – done

Video 39 done.

On video 40 now, which is the second part of the tours section videos.

I like Jonas’ pace. He goes at a relaxed pace and I go along with that. Not trying to be a perfectionist, but trying to understand everything he does and then take notes and replicate it in the practice project.

I’ll have to see at the end of the course how my time spent in the course has made me more comfortable with CSS. I always find that hard to judge since I am in the situation. Maybe I just need to let go and have faith that with everyday’s effort I am getting better.

I need to slow down and enjoy the journey. I am glad I am able to get through this course even if it is one video per day. The videos are long, but once you go through them, doing the work shown in the videos becomes faster. I think that will be a great asset for when I am done with the natours project and decide to build it up again.

CSS has so much stuff that I did not know about. Jonas keeps teaching new things that surprise me. His designs are really beautiful as well. That inspires me also.