Post Day 21 – Day 35 Digression into the Natours project from Jonas’ Advanced CSS Course (See mini updates in the comments for this period)

Section 5 – Video 40 – Building the tours section part 2 – done

Part two of the tours section done. This section has those really nice styled cards that turn around when you hover on them. It was amazing to see how much work goes into styling each detail of the cards and the various animations surrounding the cards.

Jonas’ course is a really good learning experience. I have slowed down in my learning and that is probably going to have a very good effect on the result.

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  1. Day 22

    Video 41 and 42 done.

    Will try and finish the two remaining parts of the stories section tomorrow.

    Course going well. I really had to slow down and change my pace for this course. In some ways it seems hard to get through it. I think that is a change for the better in my learning technique.

  2. Day 23

    Video 43 and 44 done. Stories section is complete. I actually got tired at the end of my study session today. May need to take a break or reduce the pace to one video per day.

    I hope my learning is going well. Repeating once seems like a good thing. The key thing seems to be to have more patience to be able to learn at a slow pace and properly.

    To keep realistic goals. Like doing one course in 2-3 months. Keeping ample time in my expectations for digressions and research on side topics while not completely losing track or feel like I’m not making progress.

    The worrying about progress can be helped by just inculcating the habit of doing your “5 pages a day”.

  3. Day 24

    I was very tired after yesterday’s studies. I decided to slow down the pace till I feel like increasing it again. Today I only did one video – #45.

    It was because there was less pressure of going fast and less stress about running out of energy.

    Built the initial layout for a lovely form Jonas will have us build in the next two videos. There were some nice concepts covered like the solid gradient.

    Going slow seems like a good strategy because I have started enjoying things more this way.

    I really need to go back and do the whole website from start to finish based on the notes. That will be really good revision, but it will also test my patience and discipline because I will be tempted just to move onto something else.

    Let’s see.

  4. Day 25

    Just got one video done. Did not have much energy. In Jonas’ course one video per day seems like the pace to go at. There is a lot to take in and do in each video.

    Video 46 Building the booking section part 2 done.

  5. Day 26

    Video 47 – Building the Booking Section Part 3 done.

    Was so tired that I barely finished the one video today. While doing the video the content looked really difficult.

    When I was building it again with the notes it seemed much more doable and I could understand more of it.

    Repetition makes things more understandable than what one would think initially.

    Here is a link to the project I’m working on:

  6. Day 27

    Video 48 done. Building the footer.

    On video 49 – Building the nav part 1.

    I am feeling better with regards to energy. I hope I can do more tomorrow.

    Got my final rabies shot today as well.

    Just going to stick it out with the Jonas course one video at a time. I think I’m learning a lot. The pace is slow because the material is complex. I need to spend more time with it.

    I am inclined to continue and do the other two projects in the course as well before moving back to ZTM or any other topic.

  7. Day 28

    Video 49 done – Nav part 1.

    One video 50 – Nav part 2. Did this for inprog. Need to do it for practice1.

    Going fine. I feel like things are very slow. But, I need to realize that I can’t keep rushing through courses. I need to go at this pace to learn things properly and build projects that look good in a portfolio.

    Jonas has really taken his time and gone deep. The Brad course feels rushed. The ZTM course is very rushed as it is a bootcamp.

    I hope I can finish all three websites from Jonas’ course. They would be a great addition to the portfolio.

    I may not learn everything in the course, but I will have picked up some ideas that are in my subconscious now and will form my way of thinking and approaching other material after this course.

  8. Day 30

    Video 51 done.

    Video 52 half done.

    Completed the navigation. Working on the pop up.

    Big learning lesson again is that doing the video the first time everything seems hard. On repeating it the second time things get much easier to understand. Repetition is key.

    I am still on the fence about doing the whole natours project again. But, if I did do it, I think I would learn a lot.

  9. Day 31

    Section 5 complete! Yeee!

    This was a very long section. I think I need to work on my patience and will power when I do courses. I may be looking to get through things quickly, but real learning takes time. I need to remind myself that there is no hurry. Learn things properly.

    Another 3.5 hour section 6 left to make the natours site responsive.

  10. Day 32

    Complete video 56 – using sass mixins to write media queries.

    Was a great video. Lot of new stuff to learn.

    Enjoying the course once again. I should not get deterred by temporary tiredness of boredom. I should set a goal and then keep going. A course can be a little dry sometimes, but there might be excellent things to come around the corner.

    This is one of those courses. Has some dry spots and is long, but there is a lot to learn.

    Want to finish and do the whole site again. I hope I have the mindset and energy.

  11. Day 33

    Complete video 57 – writing media queries for base, typography and layout

    This is a bit tedious to write all these media queries. I just need to push through this. I think the best thing is what I’m doing. One video a day. Just get through it via the power of habit, will power, and patience.

    It feels like running a cross-country race now. The middle section where the end does not seem near, but you have to just keep going.

    I know I am learning a lot.

    The way I am doing the courses now I can easily plan a whole year’s studying. Every year I think I will only be able to do about 6 courses. This is if each course takes 2 months to do properly.

    I can identify what I want to learn for the year and then pursue it at a good pace. This is key. There needs to be time to revise and do things again till you can internalize the knowledge.

  12. Day 34

    Videos 59, 60, 61 done.

    Trying to get through the responsive section a bit quicker. On the responsive images now where there is new material and I am learning new things.

    Last couple of days have been very boring and hard to get through this course. Now I really don’t think I can do the natours project once again. I need to move on to do something else.

    To get back to simpler things I might end this digression to Jonas’s course and head back to ZTM to complete the CSS section there. I think it will be a couple more days before I finish the natours project in this course.

  13. Day 35

    The natours project is done and I really need to take a break from this course. The last part was quite hard to get through. Especially the making the site responsive part.

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