Day 21 – Section 28

Went to Delhi yesterday to get some documents attested for Sasha’s social security number application. Sent that out today. Was quite tired after the trip and started the course again today.

Worked on deleting items from the list and on creating custom lists. The custom list functionality was interesting as it used a different data structure. It used an object called lists that has the name of the list and the items in the list. The items were modelled using an array of items (based on the item schema.) I found this quite interesting.

I am looking forward to completing section 28 and 29 and then coming back and building this backend of the to do list app again by myself. I will follow some directions from the videos, but will try and do most of it myself. That will be a good revision and a good exercise to learn the basic CRUD operations.

Angela has done a very good job of keeping things as simple as they need to be and no more. She has kept us away from the async issues and that makes everything easier to follow to begin with. Rather than using callbacks or promises to wait for DB operations she just lets the operation complete and then redirects to the route where the app is rendered again. This is something new I learned.