Day 23 – Daily Journal App Complete with MongoDB and Nodejs Backend

Here is the link for the daily journal app:

This app has the backend with nodejs and mongodb included. This is an addition to the front end app that was built previously during this course.

This was simpler compared to the todo app as there were no custom posts in this. In the todo app we built custom lists so we needed an additional lists data structure.

Here is was a simple posts collection where each post in the collection just had a title and a body.

It was nice to work with nodejs and mongodb without worrying about asynchronously loading data on the page. There were redirects like a traditional server side application. I liked that. It helped me to revise and learn the basics properly. I really enjoyed going through sections 28, 29, and 30.

I got to revise the deployment of an app to Heroku. And got to revise who to include a cloud based db service in the app like Atlas.

I like using Atlas. It is a really quick and easy way of creating an application with a db.

Let’s see what I learn tomorrow.