Day 24 – Section 31 – The articles API

Have moved onto building a simple API. I think Angela has done a great job of building a web dev 101 type of course. You get introduced to everything, but she has not tried to cover every detail and every nuance. Just enough to get you started. I think this is important to get a handle on the overall picture. You need many tools to build a web project and you do not need to be an expert in every one of those tools.

Her explanations in the API section are great. I also got to revise by doing the material of previous modules. That repetition is always great. Angela keeps her courses very interesting by always having you do something. This is the same positive point that Andrew Mead had. Courses with a lot of theory can become very boring and almost impossible to do. There should always be something to do for the student.

There should be multiple small similar projects to practice and repeat skills learned also.

Like the task app and the blog app.

Tomorrow, hopefully I can finish this section on the API and then move onto authentication and security.

One thought I had was to try and do Andrei Negoi’s web dev bootcamp after this course. Let’s see.