Day 28 – Section 32 – Authentication – Almost done

This is a long section. The last video on google oauth was about 45 mins long. To learn this properly I should probably go through the whole section again.

Or, when I need to do auth I can then go through the section and build out the app as needed.

The next section is going to be Section 33 – React. I hope I am able to follow what she teaches there.

When doing courses there is always a dilemma between repeating modules and sections and losing sight of the bigger picture. If I spend too much time on this module, for example, repeating this whole section, it could really break my momentum to complete the whole course.

Maybe a better thing to do – I think I am already doing this subconsciously – is to repeat based on need. If I need to build an app that uses passport js then I can come back and spend more time on the auth section. No point repeating it right now as I am not going to remember much of it anyway.

I wonder if I am going to take up the Facebook auth challenge. Maybe I’ll take a call on that tomorrow. Today was a good day. One step towards the final goal.

This is the link for the code of the authentication section:

See the commit log for different states of this project.