Day 3 – Dr Angela Yu’s Web Dev Bootcamp

Section 6 done. This bootcamp is the only thing I worked on today. The same as yesterday. It is getting harder to get through it, but Angela still manages to teach really well.

Today was beginner bootstrap. It was a good refresher. Something that came to my mind today was that it is important to learn from an instructor who is good at the technical stuff, but another really important thing is that the instructor is a smart person, an empathetic person, and a good teacher.

Angela is all three. The resources that she shares during the course are really great. Just seeing her go through the documentation is very encouraging. You start to model her and believe that it is easy to go through documentation and find answers.

A lot of programming and development work is about problem solving. No one knows the answer to everything. The reason we all get up everyday and learn new stuff is to learn how to learn. And to solve new problems each day to get better at problem solving. All this may sound like a catch 22, but it is true.

It has also been a big relief because I though that in order to do a project I have to know everything about that subject. That is not true. Most often you solve a very small part of the problem. You have all your courses and the whole internet to look for a solution to that problem. That is not very difficult for most things.

It helps to keep learning things everday so that you are always in the habit of programming. Even things like hooking up HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and other libraries are more often very easy if you keep practicing your craft everyday.

A lot of realizations here.

Another one was that doing one bootcamp does not lead anyone anywhere. I think I am going to do all of them if I can. After I finish this one I want to try and do Andrei Negoi’s web dev bootcamp. I want to get as much practice as I can.

What I’ve noticed is that the first few sections keep getting easier and there is a point through the course which starts getting really though. That is the spot that needs the real work.

Async js was tough for me initially. I had to go through that material many times. It got easier, but not very easy. I am still at it.

React for so tough that i had to give it a break. I am going to go back to it later. All of us are just one person. Our most precious resource is our time. So we need to figure out the best skill to spend our time on to learn. There is a right time for everything.

I thought I was a bit exhausted today, but I kept going anyway. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.