Day 3 WordPress, Elementor, Elementor Pro

Used ACF today. This is very cool. With ACF we can have a frontend for the database and then with elementor pro we can pull and display those values on the front end. A lot of work has been done in wordpress to make the process of putting data into the database and getting it out quite easy.

I think with ACF and JetEngine you can have complex database models like one to one, one to many, and many to many relationships. I need to study these in more details. I think the channel below is good for that. Going to keep doing this a little everyday to pick up more skills in Elementor, ACF, and JetEngine.

Elementor is a good substitute for learning HTML, CSS and layouts.

Elementor Pro then even gives us the ability to read data from the database and display it on the front end.

ACF and Jet Engine allow us to create user interfaces for the database where users of the website can come and input data and that data will be stored in the database per the definition and relationships.

This seems to be a much quicker way of building a website or web app up for a client. A lot of the usual stuff like login, blog, taxonomy etc is already done. Then there is a powerful ecosystem of plugins and themes that lets you access code written by other developers quickly.

I think this will be a good starting point for the freelancing business. As the clients get more sophisticated and have bigger scopes for projects, I can deepen my knowledge of different programming languages and frameworks to deliver custom solutions.

Getting more clarity everyday. Let’s see how things go.