Day 30 – Reached the React Components Video #401

I am enjoying Angela’s coverage of React. She has used this great tool called to get us started with React quickly and focus on what it does and how it helps.

Her biggest strengths are her intelligence and understanding of how people learn. She keeps overwhelm at bay with great organization and introducing chances for repetition. Her experience with offline teaching and he knowledge about how to teach and how to design curriculums shows through in how good her course is.

It is like a good book that is easy to get through. There are some instructors who have great material, but you need super-human strength to get through their courses.

The biggest weakness of such courses if to try and go to fast and not introduce enough repetition for each new skill or technique that is added. This leads to confusion very quickly.

One strategy for doing mega project courses can be to use git and keep committing at different points in the project. Then take the code back to a certain time and do it again from there.

But, even then, introduction of too many new concepts without practice in isolation of each new step really leads to confusion.

I wish Angela had more courses in web dev that I could continue to do to learn more. I don’t want to jump to python or mobile apps just yet so her other courses will not make much sense for me at the moment.

I am contemplating doing Colt’s web dev bootcamp or trying Andrei Negoi’s bootcamp. The good thing about bootcamps is that they bring everything into perspective without going too deep into any one topic. This is good for me to gain perspective about the whole picture and learn how to use things together. Let’s see what I end up doing.

This bootcamp should take me two more weeks if the content is not too dense and explained well. If it is very dense and I need to do more repetition, then it might take more time.