Day 37 – Managing a component tree

This was a complex video with many different concepts. Angela did a good job, but the complexity of the topic seemed to take a toll on her as well. There were one or two points in the video which were not very clear.

I have watched this a couple of times today. I will watch it again tomorrow and do the code for a the whole video again. I need to get this into muscle memory before I move on.

There is some learning going on as I am uncomfortable slightly. This is more complex than the things I have done in the recent past. However, I can easily see that this complexity can be managed by breaking this problem down into parts and repeating it a couple of times.

One thing that I have seen about learning is that you need to repeat, go do something else, and then repeat again to make sure the information goes into memory.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I look forward to repeating this code and rewatching certain parts of the video to make sure I understand what is going on. I think after this introduction to React by Angela I might be able to Andrew Mead’s react course as well.

Have I become better at learning or is Angela just a very good teacher? I will get this answer when I go back to the other courses and try and do them. If I can do them by the strategies of repetition, then I am getting better at learning. If I can’t, then it was Angela’s hard work and organization that was making things more palatable.

I think the more I learn the better I will get at learning as well. I am sure I have gotten better along the way. I would not have been able to finish such a long course in the patient manner that I have. There are just a couple more videos to go and I should be done with the course. This is great.