Day 6 – Dr Angela Yu’s Web Dev Bootcamp

I think today I managed to get through sections 9, 10, 11, and 12. This was because this is all basic Javacript that I am already quite familiar with. If I were new to it, this would have taken much more time.

I guess I had a lot more to learn in the HTML, CSS and Boostrap sections as a lot of that I don’t have enough practice with. This was okay.

Tomorrow will get into section 13 – Advanced Javascript and DOM Manipulation. This is the module where we will work on making the drum kit. I like the format of this course that the projects are not very heavy. In fact, they have been simple till now.

I think this is a welcome change for me because I have done some fairly challenging courses before this. Especially the NodeJS course I did with Andrew Mead. By the end of that course I was exhausted.

The React one proved to be too complex for me for the time being.

Even Jonas’ CSS course was fairly challenging. I think more than challenging his method of teaching is not quite as light as Angela’s. Both Angela and Andrew Mead have a similar method where you’re always doing some sort of challenge and that keeps things interesting.

Jonas can do a lot of theory, but also he teaches good stuff. He deals with a lot of challenging concepts and I want to go back and do his course. I hope I can pick up a good base from here to tackle Jonas’ courses and I want to also complete Brad Schiff’s NodeJS course.

Let’s see where this learning journey takes me. I constantly also keep learning how to learn.

I almost forgot. This is the simple dice game that I built in Section 12: