Day 7 – Dr Angela’s WDB – Section 13 – Advanced Javascript and DOM Manipulation

Made this today:

It was a good revision today. Doing simple things like adding event listeners, looping, adding classes to elements and removing them.

This strategy of revision by going through different courses is great. That way I can revise the concepts of web dev without going through the same exact course again. That was a bit boring. Plus every instructor adds their own flavor to the course. Angela is a good teacher.

It has helped that I am taking it easy and doing as much as I can comfortably each day. Doing too much in one day was not productive.

Just wanted to come back and add something here. I just watched Angela’s tips at the end of each section and wanted to note that these are really helpful. Today’s tip was about feeling like we’re making no progress. This happens so many times.

When I reach asyc javascript especially the two times I’ve tried to do Brad Schiff’s course, I’ve always felt like I dont understand promises properly. When I study them in theory I do feel like I understand them. I feel there is no problem. But applying them in the wild becomes a problem.

The way I am solving this problem is to just get more practice. What Angela recommends is going back and looking at some of the questions that students have in the earlier modules. She is right. When I go back to a course and start doing the basic html, css and js some of the things are easy because I have been looking at them for a while now.

I feel like the same logic will work with my current hurdle. That is getting past this point where I become comfortable with using all forms of asynchronous javascript and dont get confused at all when I am working with APIs or databases and have to wait for the data to come in.

The other aspect that has become clear to me now is that you don’t have to know everything in depth. Like math you can just get through by enough practice and somethings make sense later. You just have to know what you are trying to do and how to do it initially. Then by practice you can see if that thing keeps coming your way and you can get better at it by more practice.

That’s it I guess. Just wanted to say that these tips by Angela are really helpful and I look forward to them at the end of each section.

Tomorrow is section 14 – jquery. This course is a little dated now. No one teaches jquery and the course still uses var and the class syntax is not yet discussed or arrow functions. I think she might be saving that for later. In any case, they are not a huge deal and these things are easy to include later. Her overall teaching ability, course structure, mini projects, and genuine interest in teaching make this a highly recommended course for someone trying to improve their skills as a web developer.